Mass Effect: Andromeda

I spoke about this game during Content Overload Ep 1. To sum it up here:

The facial graphics, especially for the default female character Sara, are pretty darn bad. My theory is that it’s something with the eyes. They’re just not.. correct and it makes her look like she’s on drugs. It definitely takes you a bit out of the story, but not enough to stop me from playing the game. I’m just past EOS, so this is a very early game review. Overall, it plays a lot like Mass Effect 1 & 2, which I loved. Definitely not for everyone, but I found myself hooked and not wanting to stop. Too bad life gets in the way of games these days, so I haven’t gotten too far past the 14hrs or so I played the first weekend. Some parts are a bit tedious, but weren’t they in the first two as well? Why should we expect anything different. Farming the planets can be time consuming just simply for the travel time between them and the tram on Nexus brought me back to gaming years ago where a load screen appeared every time you opened a door to a new location. Thank goodness for skippable subtitles as well, as some of the interactions can take a bit of time. I’m one who would rather read through them quickly and click on then wait for the actors to fully complete their sentences.

A follow-up/complete review will comence once the game is complete. But as a painfully annoying completionist, I don’t see that happening anytime soon.

always fun exploring space
cool story
combat is straightforward
the warthog, or whatever it’s called, is fun to drive.. except when it won’t go uphill

oddly long load times (on a speedy pc nonetheless)
sometimes tedious quests
some facial graphics

If you liked the 1st two games, ignore the naysayers and give this one a try.