Back in the day, when I was traveling to LAN’s frequently, I really wanted to do an ITX build. In those days, we definitely didn’t have as many options as today. So when Fractal Design sent me the Nano S to check out, I jumped at the chance to throw together TWO ITX builds. This is the first as a budget build that comes in under $500! It came out very ‘basic’, so you know I had to flash it up a bit with some DIY mods. PSU Shroud, CPU cover, custom sleeved cables and I/O covers all made by me using acrylic sheets, a heat gun and spray paint.

Specs and Amazon links with US prices:
Fractal Design Nano S case:
Pentium CPU:
Gigabyte H110N Motherboard:
Zotac gtx1050 GPU:
Ballistix RAM 8gb DDR4:



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